Mobile Phones / Pre Paid Credit / Calling Cards

Pre Paid Phone / Broadband Credit / Mobile Phones

Hawks Nest Newsagency has available a range of prepaid

phone credit vouchers from all the major providers.

We can also offer broadband credit along with internet toggles and start up sim packs for mobile phone’s and internet.

Prepaid phone credit is available from 5.30am each and every morning of the year.

We also have available a vast range of international phone vouchers so you can ring most countries in the world at the most economical rate available.

Our store also carries a range of prepaid phones and even unlocked phones. So should your mobile happen to accidently fall into the Myall River whilst you were fishing we can help you get connected again.

We also carry micro and nano sim cards for iPhones and iPads.

Our mobile phone range constantly changes so when you are in the market for a new phone come in a speak to us as our staff will endeavour to source the phone that you are seeking assuming we don’t have it in stock in the first place.

Pre-paid Mobile Top Ups

A complete range of prepaid mobile top ups from all the major network providers.

Calling Cards

Get in touch with loved ones and friends across the country or around the world. We offer the broadest selection of long distance and international calling cards in Australia from the most trusted and best-known brands. Calling cards offer fantastic value for value with international calls to selected countries starting from just a few cents per minute. Our calling cards allow you to dial virtually anywhere in the world. Don’t be hit with surprise phone bills. Don’t take chances with unknown card brands.

Pre-paid Internet Services

Internet made easy through prepaid; a variety of prepaid internet services from some of the strongest and most reliable service providers in Australia. Prepaid Internet is an extremely convenient and cost-effective alternative to fixed contract and monthly-billed plans. It allows you to pay as you use and control your spending. With prepaid internet there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month when you exceed their download limit.