Western Union

For more information about Western Union Money Transfer services please call in and see our professional and helpful staff.

At the Hawks Nest Licenced Post Office you can transfer money across the world using the Western Union Money Transfer service.

Western Union has over 386,000 agents around the world in over 200 countries and have been providing this service for over 135 years using advanced technology and a worldwide computer network. It is no wonder that millions of people trust Western Union each year for their international money transfers.

Western Union is a fast and reliable worldwide money transfer service. The Western Union money transfer service is designed for sending funds to those who you know and trust. Simply call in and fill out the Western Union money transfer form to either send or receive money and it is done in minutes.

When sending money your Western Union Money Transfer can be collected by the recipient at any Western Union Agent throughout the world in minutes.

Money transfers may be sent to you through any Western Union Agent worldwide. To receive your money transfer simply present your valid identification and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from the sender when collecting your money transfer at the Hawks Nest Licensed Post Office at any time during our post office business hours.

Western Union Money Transfers is also a quick and easy way of sending money within Australia offering the same fast service.