Post Bill Pay

Postbillpay is the easy way to pay your accounts. Look for the Postbillpay symbol on all your bills. If your bill displays this symbol you can pay this bill at the Hawks Nest Licensed Post Office.

Bills that can be paid with Postbillpay include credit card bills, telecommunication, gas, electricity, council rates (not Great Lakes Council), water, insurance and lots more.

Simply bring along your account or invoice, together with your cheque, money order, cash or Bank@Post withdrawal to our Post Office Counter and we will transact your payment immediately.

Not sure if you can pay your account at the Post Office then just ask our friendly staff for assistance.

Postbillpay can save you money on unnecessary trips to Raymond Terrace or cost in postage.

Remember Postbillpay allows you to make bill payments to over 700 business’s and government bodies.

It’s fast and convenient and here to serve you.