Set For Life

Set for Life gives you the chance to win $20,000 a month for 20 years, with draws every day of the week! Every Set for Life entry gives you 7 days, 7 draws and multiple chances each day to be Set for Life!

When you play Set for Life, you don’t just play your numbers in a single draw, you get to play them across 7 consecutive daily draws. That’s a chance to win every day for a week.

In every Set for Life draw ten numbers are randomly drawn from thirty-seven. The first eight numbers drawn are the “Winning Numbers” and the last two numbers are the “Bonus Numbers”. You win if you match the right combination of Winning Numbers and Bonus Numbers with your entry. Visit the winning combinations page to see what you need to win.

You can start your 7 day entry any day of the week and play for up to ten weeks. Draw close is 9:00pm AEST every night.