Streets Ice Cream

Ice Cream!

Hawks Nest Convenience Store carry all those great selling lines like Paddle Pops, Gaytime, Cornetto, Bubble-o-Bill, Splice, Icy Pole, Calipo not to mention a great range of take home packs.

Our Streets ice cream range aims to inspire people of all ages to taste the fun side of life.

The Streets ice cream tradition

Between WWI and WWII, Edwin (‘Ted’) Street with the help of his wife and brother laid the foundations (in Corrimal, NSW) for what would ultimately become Australia’s biggest and best-known ice cream manufacturer. Streets ice cream was originally made in the back shed by Ted. He would then sell these to neighbours along with sweets, cakes and lemonade. Popularity grew and he soon used a cart, then a one-horse- power motorbike to sell Streets ice cream. It continued to grow and today Streets ice cream is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with well known brands such as Magnum, Paddle Pop and Blue Ribbon.

Did you know?

Launched in 1989, Magnum ice cream was the first ice cream on a stick especially for adults. Today, Magnum is one of the world's leading impulse ice cream brands, selling around 1 billion units a year.

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