For your Convenience

The Hawks Nest Convenince Store does truly operate with the word "Convenience" as its core objective.

We are the first store to open at 5.30am everyday where you are able to get groceries including the fresh staple items like bread and milk. We offer the core range to ensure that the kids lunches or work lunch can be made without any fuss.

Added to this we also carry those lines that you would not think about such as reading glasses / sun glasses.

Our reading glasses strength of lenses go from +1.0 right up to +3.5.

We also carry a range of batteries not only the regular sizes, but also a number of unusual sizes and types. Our range also includes batteries for cameras such as lithium and nickel - metal hydride rechargeables. Our store also carries torches a must for that fishing trip or for just around the house

Convenience also encaptulates our entire range be it groceries, confectionery, ice-cream, drinks or even Ice for parties

This is why we are known as the "One Stop Shopping Store".