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Hallmark Cards

We carry a huge range of Hallmark cards for every occasion.


Hallmark also has the rights to the Disney brand so we also have cards covering Hannah Montana and the main Disney cartoon characters.


Part of the Hallmark range is an extensive range of invitations covering birthdays, engagements, house warming and lots more.


We also carry the full range of Hallmark bows and ribbons to suit that special gift.


Hallmark also has an interactive range of story books which allows you to record the text of the book in your voice along with any message you wish to give. It’s a great present for kids and grandkids alike and treasures the memory in your voice. A great keepsake for the future.

As an Alliance program partner with Hallmark we are able to offer unique promotional program's.

Program's have included *Win a BBQ for dad on Fathers day" or "Win unique jewellery for mum on Mothers day" simply by buying a fathers of mothers day card during the promotional period.

The alliance program also has a frequent buyer rewards program. Each time you purchase a card from the Hawks Nest Newsagency get you reward card stamped. After you purchase your 8th Hallmark card you get the next card FREE !!