NSW Lotteries

Play all your favourite NSW Lotteries games at Hawks Nest Newsagency.  Call in and pick up your 
lucky ticket for Lotto, Powerball, Oz Lotto, Lotto Strike, Lucky Lotteries and Instant Scratch-Its.
If you need some advice on how to play, we will be happy to assist you. Our agency has been successful on a number of occasions, so who knows, you could be next! So come on in before we close to put your lucky numbers on.


Lotto - Wouldn't it be nice.
Play Lotto and you’ll have the chance to make your million dollar dreams come true every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Play Saturday Lotto for a chance to share in an estimated $4 million Division 1 prize pool each Saturday as well as Superdraws of up to and over $20 Million throughtout the year. Saturday Lotto also offers you the chance to play and win $30 Million or more in the special Megadraws.
   Play Monday & Wednesday Lotto for a guaranteed $1 million Division 1 prize for up to two winners every Monday and Wednesday. Imagine starting the week with a million dollars!  And it’s so easy to play!  Click here for more information.

Saturday Lotto Superdraw coming soon! Click here for more information.


Oz Lotto - Play Oz Lotto and you could win a truckload of cash!
Oz Lotto is Australian for BIG jackpots guaranteeing a minimum division one prize pool of $2 million every Tuesday and can jackpot to $50 Million or more! Oz Lotto’s truck is fully loaded and it could be on its way to your place with a whooping BIG payload. So make sure you’ve got your numbers in this Tuesday and you could win a truckload of cash!  To win the Division 1 prize, match your 7 numbers with the 7 winning numbers for that draw.  Click here for more information

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Powerball The power to change it all   

Imagine what you could change if you won Powerball this Thursday. With a minimum Division 1 prize pool of $3 million every Thursday and jackpots of up to $50 million, Powerball could give you the power to change it all. Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 45 plus 1 Powerball number from 1 to 45. To win the Division 1 prize, match your 5 numbers and your Powerball number with the winning numbers for that draw.  Click here for more information.

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Lotto Strike is an add-on game that can only be played with Lotto. The object of the game is to correctly select the first four Lotto numbers in the exact order drawn in the Lotto draw. Correctly select the first 4 numbers in the exact order draw for the relevant Saturday, Monday or Wednesday Lotto draw and you'll win the Lotto Strike Division 1 prize. Wou'll also be a winner if you match just 1, 2 or 3 of the first 4 numbers in the exact order drawn!  Click here for more information.
Lucky Lotteries
Lucky Lotteries is a jackpotting game where the winer takes the lot! That means no sharing the jackpot if you win. You ought to get yourself a Lucky today! There are two Lucky Lotteries games: Lucky Lotteries
Super Jackpot and Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot. Each game has a set number of tickets per draw and once all tickets are sold, the winning numbers are drawn. Why not try your luck on this very popular game this week. Click here for more information. 

Unlike traditional lottery style games, customers do not have to pick numbers, or wait for a draw to be conducted to see if they have won a prize. They simply scratch to find out their outcome instantly!
The Instant Scratch-Its ticket range offers something for everyone. From a $1 or $2 quick scratch, to taking a little bit longer to play with a $4 Bingo and $5 Crosswords or the big $5 tickets. Instant Scratch-Its even offers Giant Fun with the $10,$15 & $20 range. Click here for more information.

Imagine waking up one day to find that you were Set for Life, and that you'd won $20,000 each and every month for 20 years.  Imagine the possibilities ...  With 7 day entries and draws every day of the week, you could wake up tomorrow to find that you're Set For Life.  You can plan Set for Life by choosing your own numbers, playing a Quick SET entry or by playing your favourite saved entry.  Find out more about how to play or buy your entry online.  Click here for more information.